Candy Cranks

This is a personal project, what started out as a blog for women in Sydney to discuss their riding experiences in the city attracted a large following and eventually had 26 contributors from all over the world.

This led to the creation of a new bike brand that focused on custom-built bicycles and accompanying accessories. The project encompassed logo design, bike design, custom-built bike frames, custom-made chain rings, hand-made bags, cycling caps, jewellery and playful t-shirts. A weekly city ride attracted many fixed gear riders and Alley Cat race events were held every few months with high stake prizes donated by many wonderful bicycle merchandising companies.

My Candy Cranks bike was featured in the ‘Velo – Bicycle Culture and Style’ hard cover book and numerous websites.

The logo design is a crankset (where the pedal attaches to the chainring) it also creates the effect of a larger C inside a smaller C.

Frame Building: Primate Frames
Chainrings: Cycle Underground
Cycling Caps: Measure Twice Cut Once


  • Logo
  • E-commerce Website
  • Product Design
  • Merchandise
  • Blog