Early Start Discovery Space – Submarine

Early Start Discovery Space is the first dedicated children’s museum in the world based on a university campus. It provides interactive experiences, stimulating educational programs and learn-through-play activities for children aged birth to 10 years and their families.

This area was designed specifically for children to explore and play in a nautical-themed environment. The centre piece of the play area is a submarine, which serves as a focal point and incorporates various interactive games and activities. The submarine design was carefully crafted to capture the imagination of children and evoke a sense of adventure.

In addition to the submarine, another exciting aspect of the play area are the cushions. I designed these to resemble various underwater creatures, the designs were then passed on to a skilled seamstress who worked with a soft, waterproof fabric to bring the designs to life. This combination of creativity and practicality ensured that the cushions were both visually appealing and safe for children to interact with.

My work

  • Submarine
  • Soft toys
  • Back wall & decals
  • Flooring


  • University of Wollongong Campus